About Me

My name is Lee Craven, I’m 36 years old and decided to create this blog to help others who have absolutely no experience regarding photography and since I was a pre-teen, I always reached for my dad’s film cameras and my grandparent’s polaroid camera.

Over the years, I’ve tried to follow the style of other photographers, I’ve never attended any professional courses, I’ve literally annoyed people with question after question about ‘How to take great photos’ and sadly I’ve learned the hard way that there has never been a textbook way to take a photo, you have to have the picture in your mind what light you want to freeze before you look through the view finder.

I recently decided to share my tidbits with any other amateur photographers who want to learn…

I often get told I take great pictures, then I find myself looking at others work online and feel my work is very mediocre at best, but I want to help show others that it’s not about buying the best equipment in the world, it’s about having the imagination and the will to step outside your bubble to capture the perfect moments.