Good Photography Habits

Understanding good photography habits can make or break our hobby. Finding happiness within our work and ourselves as photographers should begin with the habits that we form. When shooting a spontaneous shot of something that catches our eyes have fun doing it. Snapping a group photo with friends, cute family poses or simply a landscape that we can’t wait to share can always be fun!

Keep Your Camera Close

One of the worst moments when seizing a photo opportunity is realizing your camera is back home in the cupboard, where you left it. Keeping your camera with you, like you would your wallet or your phone (not literally, but the trunk of your car works right?). This means you have the opportunity to capture a moment you as it happens.

Don’t regret missing great photo opportunities by leaving your camera at home or back at the office.

Share Your Images

One thing you really want to take into consideration is sharing your work. Try to get them uploaded to the web, share them on Instagram, Facebook or Google+ even consider joining a photo site like 500px.

The idea here is it not only promotes your work/art. This allows people to give you feedback, positive criticism goes a long way. It will also inspire you to grow as a photographer. Try this out and let everyone here see your work in the comments. You can freely share your work here at Amateur Photographer.

Create Projects

Projects force us to have focus, motivation and force creativity, not only that they can be really fun too. For example, my current project is Family Portraits. Not only do I get to socialize and interact with my family more often. We go to different places to do different portraiture shoots. One day it can be here at home whilst we are having a family BBQ. Next weekend we could be hiking at CamelBack mountain in Scottsdale, more than anything, projects will constantly make you grab for your camera.

Don’t put a time frame on a project. Maybe it will last a 30 minutes, a month or even a year or more. Just make it interesting for you and those that you involve. You’ll find your creative mind will continue to grow and even inspire other projects.

If you’re currently unsure, check out Peta Pixel’s 52-week photography challenge to improve your skills. You could just take some of these challenges and incorporate them into your own projects.

Get Feedback / Criticism

Sometimes it can be hard to accept faults, especially when we don’t see our own faults. But more often than not, others can see things in our work that would make a great photo or composition, with us men, clothing is certainly something we fall short with. I often take photos and edit them as soon as I get home. Then upload them and patiently await the feedback, troll comments or kudos of each image. It helps us to understand if what we saw when we took the photo was a worth memory.

Copy Others Work

This always raises eyebrows, but if you need inspiration or ideas, where better to look than directly at others success? It could be a magazine, a picture you see on social media or from a professional photograph. Regardless, try and understand what they were trying to capture in the photograph and duplicate it in your own unique way, now it’s not theft of someone else’s work, is it?

Hopefully, you can see where I’m going with this. We look at homes on the internet when looking to build our own, we look at Pinterest when we are looking to decorate our bathroom or nursery right? This is basically the same concept with photos, get some inspiring ideas from others, the more you research photographs, the more you’ll find that you understand the purpose for the whole image is.

I hope this small write up as somewhat informative to you, I think that you will find that having your own good photography habits will enable you over time to become a better photographer. I’m very much an amateur still, but you will develop your own habits over time by trial and error. Just know that over time, you will modify these habits to better suit your own shooting needs when taking photos that you will get satisfaction from. Remember, it’s not always about only pleasing the customer, they may envision a photo a certain way, show them how your eyes picture it, I’m sure they won’t be disappointed. There’s is a reason they allowed you to take the photo(s).

Remember Good Photography Habits are one of many keys to your success as a photographer.

I’m a 36 year old avid amateur photographer, I consider myself an amateur despite owning and using cameras for over 15 years, my choice of camera is Nikon and I’m often referred to as ‘The Paparazzi’ by friends and family.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.