How To Learn Photography For Free

One of the hardest things I found when learning photography was how to take the perfect images, I tried to copy others styles and ideas without much success, over time I quickly became frustrated and retired the camera to the shelf, I looked at so many courses online and was discouraged by the price of the courses, so I decided how to learn photography for free by reading information others were willing to share.

Make Time To Shoot

Simply put, you need to take the time to shoot photos. I would often see no changes with the outcome of my photos, and if I’m honest, I would only reach for my camera after I found something that I wanted to share, similar to how we reach for our phones and snap a great picture opportunity at any given time.

Keep your camera close by, I can’t tell you how many times for example that I have gone to the store to grab some groceries and said to myself ‘what a beautiful sunset, I wish I had my camera’ – this was a frequent dilemma, then I started keeping my camera in the trunk of the car, when an opportunity would arise, I could pull over, grab the camera and try my hand at catching that great moment in the camera.

Create challenges for yourself, don’t bounce from one photography style to the next, ie: Portraits, Landscape, Night Shots. Try to get the basics of each composition down before you move on to the next, because once you snap a photo that you actually feel proud of, you’ll find that you can manipulate the different shooting styles of the same kind of image, and understand the steps or process of what you did to get that end result.

Photography Is Expensive

It can be expensive if you’re in the mindset of the more you spend the better the photos, this is complete and utter nonsense, you can create photos just as good with a $200 camera as you would with a $4000 camera.

D3200 Kit  Canon T5i

You can even buy a cheap or used DSLR camera for little money these days, and one of the benefits of buying used is that you will generally get offered more than what a store would give you with the same camera, maybe a spare kit lens, an off-camera flash, a wireless/wired remote, things that they no longer need as they moved onto bigger better things in their hobby/career.

Everything takes time

Roughly years I picked up my dads camera, curious about what did what on his film camera, since then, I have been learning the ins and outs of photography, some pick it up faster than others.

Read your camera manual, if you buy a used one, I promise this big knowledgable internet has a guide or manual for your model of camera, it’s interesting just turning dials and seeing what results you can achieve, it’s even more interesting knowing what you’re doing and seeing a good result from an experiment, just commit to yourself and your camera, take new challenges with a pinch of salt and most of all make it fun!


I’m a 36 year old avid amateur photographer, I consider myself an amateur despite owning and using cameras for over 15 years, my choice of camera is Nikon and I’m often referred to as ‘The Paparazzi’ by friends and family.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.