Welcome to Amateur Photographer, the idea behind this site is to help amateur photographers with various levels of experience, even those that have never even touched a camera (excluding smartphones) to understand and better utilize their equipment.

Over time, I want to cover all basic fundamentals of photography, getting you out of the Auto mode, helping you choose the equipment you can benefit from and overall, saving you a lot of money. Photography equipment can be very expensive, don’t be under the assumption that the more you spend on a camera and gear, the better your photos will be. Now if you do Photography for a living then please feel free to give some constructive criticism on our site and posts, I’m the furthest from a professional, I’m just a self-taught hobbyist with a passion for great shots.

If you are considering buying a camera, or already own one and feel overwhelmed with it, then you will hopefully find our site helpful in getting you to step outside your comfort zone and reap all the benefits that your camera has to offer you.

If you learn anything with this blog, my hope is that you find how much power you have in the palm of your hands to capture those special memories in your life.

I’m a 36 year old avid amateur photographer, I consider myself an amateur despite owning and using cameras for over 15 years, my choice of camera is Nikon and I’m often referred to as ‘The Paparazzi’ by friends and family.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.